How wedding catering is evolving in 2023

The Covid pandemic of 2020 ruined many couples plans for their special day. Their choices were to:

  • Pick another date. But when? Who knew how long all the restrictions would last?
  • Postpone, wait and replan.
  • Hold the ceremony with a small amount of people and have the reception at a later date.

Once the pandemic abated, all of those scenarios had played out and it was “game on” again for engaged couples.

After the pandemic we found couples leaning towards a banquet rather than the traditional buffet or sit down wedding reception.   Banquet style catering is where food is served on custom built wooden boards running down the middle of the table where the guests can help themselves, pick and choose from the dishes. Was this due to the relief to be able to truly enjoy their wedding with more of a celebratory atmosphere?  I guess we will never really know.

In 2023, we are seeing an interesting evolvement in this trend.  Couples are choosing to have catering that you don’t require seating for at all!

Canapes are trending bigtime, you don’t need tables, guests can mingle, and they cost less because you don’t need the wait staff to serve a plate to every guest. And, we don’t have to wash the dishes, saving you more money!

Mike, the chef and owner of Acclaimed Catering came up with a concept a few years back that is killing it this year and that is the combination of “substantials” and canapes.  A “substantial” is a mini meal that compliments the canape choice if you would like something a little more.

You can view our canapes and substantials menu here.  If you have a dish that you would like to serve at your wedding and you don’t see it on our menu, please let us know.  Mike has been a very passionate chef for many years and is very creative.

Canapes and substantials can provide a wider variety of choices which makes it easier to accommodate all of your guests with dietary requirements.  There are some lovely choices for your vegetarian and vegan guests.  You can find our dedicated vegan menu here.